Below you will see the before, during, and after process of one of our many lime stabilization jobs. This entire process took less than one day.

Soft, Saturated Subgrade – This unstable, high moisture content soil was a perfect candidate for soil modification.
Loading The Spreader – A pneumatic bulk tanker carrying up to 25 tons of Kiln-Dust product loads our calibrated spread truck using pressurized air to push the prodcut in the truck without hydrating it.

Spreading The Material – Our calibrated spread truck is set at a certain spread rate, depending on the type of material and moisture content.
Watering The Lime – After spreading the material, water is needed to hydrate the lime.

Pulverizing – We mix the wet sub-grade and lime together to reduce the moisture.
Grading – After pulverizing, we grade the sub-grade into proper shape.

Compacting – After shaping the sub-grade, we compact using a pad foot vibratory roller.
Sealing The Modification – After compacting, we reshape using the grader and roll it with a smooth drum vibratory roller.